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“Take only Memories and leave only footprints”, that is a wonderful quote I read somewhere and it sums up our whole life.

Welcome to The Inside blogger. I am glad that you decided to visit my blog. This blog is all about the small little moments which each one of come across in our daily life.

Our work and lifestyle have stopped us from noticing and capturing these small moments. My life is also no different, yet I have made a conscious attempt to capture these moments and share it with everyone.

The insideblogger is a platform where I share my happy moments. My personal experiences on things related with travel, food, sports , fitness, fashion or diet which brings smile on my face and which I feel can make you also feel happy or urge you to go for it to.

So love it or hate it( I think you will not, keeping my fingers crossed) but don’t ignore it. Please give your comments and insights so that I can improve upon it.


The Insideblogger…